Foreign and Commonwealth Office Visits NGF

Today, the NGF met with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to discuss the different approaches that the NGF is implementing as it relates to conflict, governance, economy  and health.

NGF expressed that the focus on security is one that needs to be handled completely in order to move forward. The governors are working to ensure that they have the right connection, resources and linkage between the states and local government to address security.

As it relates to States, Fiscal, Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS), the focus is on improving the learning experience, to integrate it to Peer Learning that will go beyond next year.

As for health, NGF is part of the Presidential Task Force and the main focus now is on the distribution of the COVID- Vaccines. The distribution of the vaccines has happened in most states.

The first priority for the vaccine is for the frontline health workers, strategic leaders and then the elderly. NGF aims to set up a mechanism to track how the vaccine is used. 

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