Chatham House Africa Programme - The Role of Nigeria’s State Governments in Recovery: Responses to COVID19 Linked Challenges

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In my capacity as Chairman of the Governors’ Forum, we developed a communications and collaboration plan for all state governors. We meet on a weekly basis and have established internal committees. Our voices as state governors are important.

Last week, we invited experts to brief governors on vaccine distribution and procurement. We focus on a national strategy rather than a federal government strategy. Our three areas of focus are on Prevention, Treatment and Economic Response.

“As for what the international community can do, we must first understand that vaccines are treated as a human right. This means that the vaccines must be available to every citizen in the world.
As it relates to procurement and distribution, we should also receive support on local manufacturing.“

As it relates to vaccine hesitancy, we have to increase enlightenment. That’s what the Presidential Task force is doing through meeting with influencers, traditional and religious leaders.

“As it relates to the gender specific responses for COVID, NGF declared a state of emergency. This led to ensuring the strengthening of the gender based violence prohibition laws, strengthening of the Child Rights Acts and establishment of sexual assault referral centres. This also involved ensuring enforcement to those convicted of crimes such as rape.”



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