Skye Bank pledges improved IGR for states

Skye Bank Plc., has expressed its readiness to assist states in the country improve on their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) generation, plug leakages in collection of services across all revenue channels and help solve ghost workers syndrome through efficient payroll software expertise.
The Bank, which currently has lead IGR mandate in no fewer than six Northern states in the last 12 months, handles several other revenue services and revenue mandates for ministries, departments and agencies of several states and the Federal Government.

The Bank has mandates as the payroll bank for Kogi, Nasarawa and Katsina states, in addition to being re-appointed as lead collecting bank for Kogi, Kano, and Taraba states in the areas of IGR and services.
In addition, the bank handles the Hajj Commission Collections accounts for several states in the North, as well as the Federation Account and Allocation Committee’s accounts of some states.
Recently, the Lagos State Government directed all its Agencies, Ministries and parastatals to increase business relationship with Skye Bank, just as Kogi State re-appointed the bank as its lead collecting Bank for the State IGR and services.
The news of the re-appointment of Skye Bank was contained in a letter signed by the State’s Accountant General, Alhaji Momoh Jibrin, and addressed to the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Bank, Tokunbo Abiru.
The bank’s IGR and service mandates also cover states in the South South, South West, North Central and the South Eastern parts of the country. The bank has helped and still helps several states raise their revenue profile as well as block leakages in their tax administration system.
Skye Bank, Nigeria’s leading financial service provider, is credited to have developed IGR and employee biometric solution that has been deployed for the enhancement of IGR collections and abolition of Ghost worker syndrome in several states in Nigeria.
The Bank has also assisted several states in Nigeria to execute transformative and life-impacting projects through enhanced IGR, and plugged leakages and wastages from the hitherto rampant cases of ghost workers syndrome through which several billions of naira were lost to hundreds and thousands of non-existent workers on the payroll of several states.
The new mandates and endorsement represent the confidence and trust various state governments have in the Board and management and leadership of Skye Bank.

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