Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) visits the Nigerian Governors’ Forum

Yesterday, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) met with the Nigerian Governors’ Forum to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. FAO Representative to Nigeria, Mr Fred Kafeero said that there is a need to work with the states to tackle the issue of food insecurity. They would like to work with the states to ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to food insecurity. He said the forum is where we can get things moving.

The Chairman of NGF, Dr Kayode Fayemi said that the forum is an enabler. We believe in a broad spectrum of empowering members and linking them with the right contacts.

NGF has various collaborations such as with the African Development Bank and the World Bank. He said the NGF recognizes the critical part of improving infrastructure. Mr Fayemi said that we want to focus on initiatives that help small owned farmers.

He said that NGF wants to address food insecurity and developmental areas. He believes that agriculture is a central matter for all states.


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