NGF met virtually with the representative of UN Women to Nigeria and ECOWAS

The NGF met virtually with the representative of UN Women to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Ms. Comfort Lamptey, Professor Ayodele Aatsenuwa from the University of Lagos, Lagos African Cluster Centre, Prof. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, Lawyer, Feminist and Activist, and Chundung Ashley Dauda, Senior Gender and Social Inclusion Expert.

Ms. Comfort Lamptey expressed her gratitude to NGF for their leadership and the declaration of a state of emergency towards gender-based violence in Nigeria.

She looks forward to ongoing work on the legislative front.

Professor Ayodele Aatsenuwa stated that gender equality is an area of priority. That women are not adequately represented, especially in the political realm. That women’s political participation is around 30%.

They seek to engage with the NGF to strengthen the efforts already being made and create awareness towards what is meant to be achieved.

Prof. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo said that Nigeria has seen a retrogression with women’s involvement in political participation.

She believes that the Gender Equality Bill would lead to equal opportunities that would address issues of equity and inheritance.

“It makes economic sense to invest in women,” said Prof. Ezeilo.

The Chairman of NGF, Dr. Kayode Fayemi said that NGF has been in the trenches fighting for gender issues in the last 18 months.

“In the wake of COVID, we have made some progress towards GBV. When we declared a state of emergency, 14 states had enacted the VAPP act. Now, it’s almost 30 states that have enacted the VAPP act.”

He credited this to his colleagues and the Nigerian Governors' Wives Forum.

The Chairman added that if people sign the Gender and Equalities Bill, it would make a difference and an impact.

“When it comes to gender, there have been religious and cultural challenges,” he said.

He proposed that the next steps would be to set up a meeting to engage with all the governors.


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